This past Friday, I had my last day working with DeMoss. It was a bittersweet time, since I'm looking forward to my next adventure but will definitely miss everyone that I've had the chance to work with the last three years. 

During that time, I saw the company go through several big changes. The agency went through a total rebrand. The office went through a complete remodel that wrapped up just before my last full week in the office. We were also able to build out quite a bit of work in the digital space. 

More importantly, I was able to grow a lot professionally during my time there. I've never really been naturally entrepreneurial. However, my role at DeMoss forced me to grow that skill set, pitching new ideas and projects to our clients to build out the digital end of their business. 

I learned the value of an attention to detail. The attention paid to detail in that office is incredible. Everything is done for a reason. The smallest things matter. It seemed a little overkill to me in my first few weeks. Over time, I noticed that paying attention to the smallest details made a significant impact to the larger project. 

I also had the opportunity to work in a great company culture. DeMoss is one of the most supportive environments I've worked in. Having annual retreats and dinners at Mark and April's house helped us all not only get to know each other better but also get to know each other's families too. The family-like atmosphere built there made the decision to leave a difficult one. 

So what's next?

Starting next week I'll be joining the team at North Highland helping with digital marketing. Going from nonprofit PR to B2B marketing will be a challenging transition but I'm looking forward to taking on and learning new things. It'll be my first time being on the "client side" of life since my first job out of school in Chicago. Combining the new challenges with the great group of people, I'm excited about the next chapter. 

Also, because coincidence and timing are funny things, Megan's last day working in social media at Turner was also on Friday. She's moving onto a strategist position with IQ, an awesome digital agency with some great people. We didn't plan on having the same last days at work but it's just the way it worked out. It's always been fun working in the same field as my wife but it was even more interesting also sharing the same job transition timeline. 

So, even though we shared the same last day, it doesn't mean we're moving to a new city. We plan on staying in Atlanta for several years to come. We have a lot of big changes facing us at once but we couldn't be more excited about this next chapter in our lives.