That one time is now. For the first time in probably five years, I'm using a PC. 


Why? Am I masochistic? Have I lost it?

While I can't give you a definitive yes or no to the above questions, I can tell you that I wrote this blog post using something that isn't a Mac. 


Honestly, it came with the new role. When I started my role, I was given the choice between a PC and a Mac. Of course I chose the Mac. However, as I'm working in the largest company that I've ever worked at, I have learned that not everyone defaults to Mac use. In fact, I was one of 5% of people in the company who was using one. 

So, in an effort to make certain tech aspects easier at work (and out of pure curiosity), I'm going all the way with a PC for a while. Don't worry, I haven't traded in the Mac yet. I still have both for the time being. 

The Lenovo PC I'm using is pretty cool. It has a touchscreen feature that makes browsing and work a little quicker without having to sacrifice a keyboard. So far, the biggest headache has been re-adjusting to the hot keys that I was so used to using on a Mac. 

For the next two weeks, I plan on using a PC almost exclusively (save some sparse video or design work). I'll write a review of what I think when that time runs out. 

In the meantime, pray for me.