I had been a huge advocate of the journaling app Day One. It offers great design and UX while always functioning as advertised. I rarely had an issue or bug while I was using it. I have written about the app here. Honestly, I don't have any complaints about the app. 

Except one. It's exclusive to the Apple ecosystem. 

That used to not be a problem. My work laptop was Apple. My personal laptop was a small Macbook Air. I had an iPhone. That restriction wasn't a restriction at all. 

Now my Macbook Air is getting old and not as reliable as it once was. I use a PC at work and now I'm using an Android phone. I had to find a more platform agnostic alternative. 

So I found Journey.

This app is also exclusive...to Google's ecosystem. It doesn't offer an iOS app (for now) but has Chrome apps, Android apps and even allows you to submit entries via your web browser. It works just about anywhere except an iPhone. In terms of design and function, it's right on par with Day One. 

Like Day One, it offers these capabilities:

  • Geo-tagging posts
  • Tagging posts
  • Adding other metadata like weather, number of steps, activity, mood, etc
  • Photo uploads
  • Cloud syncing
  • Publicly post entries if you want (I never do...that's what a blog is for).

However, unlike Day One, Journey offers a few other options such as:

  • The ability to upload MORE than one photo per entry...because sometimes one photo doesn't tell an adequate story. When I went on a cruise in February and still used Day One, I had to create a separate entry for every single photo I took. Kinda lame. 
  • The ability to add VIDEOS to your posts. This is awesome. I haven't really used it yet mainly because I haven't thought to. However, now that Megan and I have more pets and will likely have children sometime down the road, I think the video feature will really come in handy. 


Migrating from Day One to Journey used to be simple. However, since Day One upgraded to Day One 2, that migration isn't nearly as seamless. Since I didn't want to lose any memories, I actually spent an entire evening transferring every single journal entry from Day One to Journey. Sure, it took forever and is admittedly a little OCD. However, the process did force me to re-read a lot of posts. That part was actually a lot of fun. 

So far, Journey has been great about helping me stay on top of my new years resolution of journaling at least once a week. It has a great design and I love the mobile app way more than I liked Day One. It's a worthy competitor. 

Do you journal? What apps do you use (if any)?

Check out Journey here.