That's a blog post title that I thought I'd never write. But it's true. 

Granted, this really only applies in a corporate/enterprise setting. Still, the whole Microsoft for work ecosystem is growing on me. At least how we have it setup at North Highland. 

When I first started there, I had a Mac. By my request. For the last several years, I lived almost exclusively inside of Apple's ecosystem. Heck, I even wrote about doing it here. The one factor I didn't think of was the fact that all of my coworkers were working with Apple products too.

Then I moved to North Highland, where the majority of the company uses PCs. I had forgotten how well (or rather...not well) Apple products work with PC products. Sure, you can have Outlook, Office and all on a PC, but there always seemed to be some kind of hiccup somewhere. Albeit small ones, but it never was smooth. So I ended up voluntarily switching over to a PC. 

After being on it for a while, I'm starting to appreciate how well Microsoft's Office ecosystem works together. Sharing documents is ridiculously easy on Windows now and I love the fact that we have Skype integrated into everything. I can quickly sidebar chat with someone directly from an email instead of adding to a long thread. I love how everything, Outlook and Office, sync up with Box for file sharing. I love how my task management app Todoist integrates seamlessly with Outlook, something it doesn't do on a Mac. 

So while I love Mac's design better, the Microsoft system is growing on me. I have a better appreciation for it after working in a large company (the largest one that I've worked in so far). If I had to pick one for home, I'd still probably go Mac. However, now that I'm using Android and seeing what Microsoft is coming out with in terms of devices, that may not always be the case down the road. 

Again, here's a post I'd never thought I'd write. I'm now an Android user and I don't hate Microsoft. Proof you never know where life will take you.