I've moved from Kentucky to Chicago to Atlanta. Megan and I have gotten married, gone through career changes, buying a house, cars and adopting two pets. We've adulted hard. 

We're about to adult even harder. 

We're going to be parents of a baby boy this Halloween!

A baby boy will be joining us in October! We can't wait to meet you, little one πŸ’™πŸ‘ΆπŸ»

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The baby isn't even here yet and I already understand some of the feelings parents have told me about. To love something, rather someone, so much and to not have even met them yet. It's crazy. Also knowing that life decisions (future career decisions, large purchases, traveling, etc) have a lot more gravity since they affect more than just Megan and me is a bit intimidating. But something I'm eagerly looking forward to. 

I think being a dad is going to be a lot of fun. Actually, just watching my dad and then his dad, I know it will be. I hope I can live up to my predecessors in that regard. 

Poor Megan is going to be outnumbered. With me, Theo, Heisenberg (the cat) and now a new son, she has to live with a bunch of smelly boys. Pray for her. 

Theo's expression when we told him he was going to be a big brother again.

It feels great to finally be able to "shout this from the rooftops." It feels more real. And I know it'll be here quickly. Probably quicker than I realize. 

Which means I need to get to work. I have a nursery to paint. 

Megan and I have news....coming Halloween 2016.

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